Medical Genetics Center
Clinical Services Available
Pre-marital counseling.
Pre-conception counseling.
Neonatal counseling.
Prenatal neonatal, postnatal.
Our Stuff
Dr/ Ezzat Elsobky
Professor of genetics, Ain Shams University.
Director of cytogenetics Labs. at Pediatrics department and Obstetric department, Ain Shams University.
Head of the genetics unit, Alborg Labs.
CEO, Medical Genetics Center.
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About us
/ Medical Genetics Center (MGC) was founded in 1990 by Dr. Ezzat Elsobky who is a professor of medical genetics in Ain Shams University, fellow of the American College of Medical Genetics and is certified by the American Board of Medical Genetics. MGC is the leading Lab in Egypt and the Middle East as it is the first and only lab specialized in genetics. MGC initially started in Heliopolis “Korba” then expanded to Mohandesen in 2000.
Medical Genetics Center is a genetics network as it associates with many international labs like Turkey, USA, England, Estonia, Germany, and France. We offer different services such as Clinical evaluation, genetic counseling, early intervention, Cytogenetic testing, molecular testing, and biochemical genetics.
Our clients vary from walk-in patients and lab referrals which include private hospitals, University hospitals, Military hospitals, Nasser institute, and private labs.
Industry Overview
Medical genetics is a medical subspecialty that deals with diseases at the level of the inherited basic contents in human cells. Main rule for genetics is explaining complains including signs and symptoms to the basic changes in the nucleus (genetic contents including Chromosomes and DNA) of human cells. Medical genetics is very unique and in the last few years it has grabbed the international attention after the progress in treating and prophylaxis of genetic diseases. After a great number of studies and experiments scientists found two methods of treating, first one was “Gene Therapy” they tested it on animals and it worked properly but unfortunately it was not a success when shifted to humans. As for the second method, it is called “Replacement Therapy” it has proven its efficiency and it’s being used nowadays.
Our Mission and vision

Mission: Providing Certainty and comfort to families and individuals

Vision: To operate the highest quality and accuracy medical genetics laboratory in the Middle East. To uphold a moral obligation to provide support and peace of mind to families, on top of that, we seek to spread awareness of the field on medical genetics in the region.

It is said that “If you do not have proper treatment you should think about early detection” that is one of the main benefits of Genetic testing and it is very clear in Breast cancer, as females could early detect if they are carriers to the breast cancer gene or not. Also, you can detect early diseases in pregnancy, although they were some religious opinions regarding this issue but as long as the results are before 120 days there is no problem. Another benefit is that it offers reassurance and relieves some worried people who consider cytogenetic very important in Leukemia cases (blood cancer) cases because, It helps in confirming the diagnosis, and It helps in knowing the prognostic value if its aggressive, mild, or moderate, it also helps in specifying the treatment.


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