Medical Genetics Center
Clinical Services Available
Pre-marital counseling.
Pre-conception counseling.
Neonatal counseling.
Prenatal neonatal, postnatal.
Our Stuff
Dr/ Ezzat Elsobky
Professor of genetics, Ain Shams University.
Director of cytogenetics Labs. at Pediatrics department and Obstetric department, Ain Shams University.
Head of the genetics unit, Alborg Labs.
CEO, Medical Genetics Center.
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Welcome to our website!
Medical genetics is a medical sub-specialty that deals with diseases at the level of the inherited basic contents in human cells. Main rule for genetics is explaining complains including signs and symptoms to the basic changes.
In the nucleus (genetic contents including Chromosomes and DNA)..
Our Mission and vision
To operate the highest quality and accuracy medical genetics laboratory in the Middle East. To uphold a moral obligation to provide support and peace of mind to families,.
Latest News
Researchers in the UK are working on a blood test that can predict Alzheimer’s disease with 90 percent accuracy in people with mild memory problems
A low-cost technology may make it possible to read long sequences of DNA far more quickly than current techniques
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