Medical Genetics Center
Clinical Services Available
Pre-marital counseling.
Pre-conception counseling.
Neonatal counseling.
Prenatal neonatal, postnatal.
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Dr/ Ezzat Elsobky
Professor of genetics, Ain Shams University.
Director of cytogenetics Labs. at Pediatrics department and Obstetric department, Ain Shams University.
Head of the genetics unit, Alborg Labs.
CEO, Medical Genetics Center.
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Available Services:
/ Cytogenetic Testing.
/ Molecular Testing.
/ Clinical Services.
Clinical Services Available
/ Pre-marital counseling
/ Neonatal counseling
/ Prenatal neonatal, postnatal, and adult genetic counseling.
/ Thoughtful discussion and coordination of genetic testing
/ Pre-conception counseling
/ Early intervention sessions.
/ Opportunities for families and individuals to address, in detail, their concerns regarding inherited conditions
What Is Genetic Counseling
Genetic counselors provide information and offer support by simplifying genetic concepts into useful information. A genetic counselor can meet with a person or family that may be at risk for an inherited disease or abnormal pregnancy outcome. The information provided in a session can help individuals make informed and personal decisions about their own health, their pregnancy and genetic testing.
Our lab
Our lab utilizes state-of-the-art instrumental methods to diagnose and monitor patients with inherited diseases. Our technologists are hand-picked and closely mentored and trained.
Who Can Benefit From Genetic Services?
/ Women who are pregnant for screening to ensure that the baby is genetically healthy
/ Women whose ultrasound or prenatal testing results suggest an increased risk of birth defects
/ Women who are pregnant or are planning to be after the age of 35 years
/ Babies who were recently born to check for genetic anomalies
/ Couples whose infant has a genetic disease diagnosed by routine newborn screening
/ Couples who share common relatives
/ Persons who have questions or concerns about medications or other potentially harmful exposures during pregnancy
/ Individuals or couples who have had a history of infertility, multiple miscarriages, a stillbirth, or have experienced an early infant death in their families
/ Anyone concerned about birth defects or the inheritance of ethnic or familial conditions such as heart disease, neurological disorders, developmental delay, etc.
What Happens at a Counseling Appointment?
When you go to see a genetic counselor, he or she:
- Will record your family history and your own medical background
- Will put together a picture of how your family`s health may affect your children
- May review testing options available in the context of your family planning goals and ethical and religious beliefs
- Will help you and your physician/provider interpret medical information and the role of heredity as it applies to your family
- Review of testing results will be coordinated between the genetic counselor, the person or couple and the referring physician/ provider. In the event of troubling results, the counselor will provide information to help make decisions that best fit your needs. The counselor can also refer you to resources in your community including medical specialists or family support groups that deal with specific genetic conditions.
Areas that Benefint from Genetic Services?
A strong relationship between our labs and clinicians allowMedical Genetics Centerto provide services in various medical disciplines such as:
/ Pediatrics
/ Gynecology
/ Prenatal Screening
/ Hematology
/ Oncology
/ Cardiology
/ Endocrinology
/ Ophthalmology
/ Medical Genetics
/ Reproductive Medicine
/ Infertility
/ Otorhinolaryngology (ENT)
/ Rare Diseases
/ Pneumology
/ Obesity
/ Neurology
/ Human Identity
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